You choose what you want to believe

A myth, a legend or a history? The manipulation of historical writings and other works, allows us to enter a new chaos of creation.



The LILITH PROJECT aims to work in collaboration with other artists and collaborators, to vindicate the figure and symbol of this mythological character that has been manipulated at convenience, like so many other symbols.


The creation of man

When Marduk heard the word of the gods, his heart pushed him to conceive artistic works, and opening his mouth, he turned to Ea to communicate (him) the plan that he had conceived in his heart:

“I’m going to knead blood and make bones.
I’m going to establish a savage, whose name will be “man”.
I’m going to create the human being, the man,
that is in charge of the cult of the gods so they can be

Epic of Gilgamesh

Audio accessibility


Nuevo grupo de trabajo
New work group


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